What is Auto Utility?

An innovative web-based concept design and cost modelling tool

Gas and water companies need to continuously improve the efficiency of their existing processes and enhance the customer experience. We offer an innovative, web-based concept design and cost modelling solution that allows you to automatically create your own pipeline designs and BIM models, to client standards and specifications – in a fraction of the usual time and cost.

Concept and feasibility design for gas and water pipelines often takes weeks to complete and is usually undertaken by external design consultants. Auto Utility allows your own staff to quickly and easily plot pipeline routes and create high-quality conceptual design reports and cost estimates – all from the convenience of a single web application.

3D visualisation of your pipeline can be costly, and not available until later in the design process. Our system will also allow you to automatically create 3D BIM models of your pipeline design – which can be converted to create Google Earth flyovers – enabling you to demonstrate your route and assess impact.

Auto Utility provides data-rich mapping layers including existing pipeline network, topography, SSSI, specially designated areas and other utility services enabling quick and effective route planning.

Auto Utility

Auto Utility provides gas and water companies with automated design and costing of pipelines and saving up to 75% of the time and cost of traditional ways of working.

With the substantial time and cost efficiencies achievable through the use of Auto Utility, the initial investment in the software can be paid back with use on just a few pipeline projects per year.

Aqua Consultants delivers services that make the provision of critical infrastructure services like water and energy more sustainable, innovative and cost efficient.

We utilise our core disciplines of engineering, technology and portfolio management to provide unique insight and solutions to our clients most challenging needs.

Aqua Consultants
Auto Utility allows us to provide a level of detail to our customers that we have never been able to achieve at quotation stage before. It allows us to produce conceptual designs quickly, easily and to a high degree of consistency. As well as allowing us to achieve a high quality of output, it enables us to fulfil one of the core Cadent values – that of customer satisfaction.
Peter Hardy
Cadent Gas
Auto Utility is key to our ongoing mission to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our design and quotation process. It provides us with significant time and cost savings, and allows us to greatly improve our customer experience. To be honest, I was initially sceptical about what this product would achieve – but having used it, I am greatly impressed with the functionality it delivers, and I have made sure it is now integral to Cadent's design and quotation process.
Neil Bethel
Cadent Gas
I believe Auto Utility gives us the future of pipeline design – it provides excellent functionality and it is a great platform on which to develop further innovations.
Peter Hardy
Cadent Gas
Working with Aqua to draw together the various strands of this innovative product has been an enjoyable and exciting experience, and we look forward to working with them in the future.
Peter Hardy
Cadent Gas